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Management team

Management team

The administrative team of the Dogta-Lafiè Reference Hospital plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the establishment. Made up of competent and committed professionals, this team oversees the management and coordination of the hospital’s various activities.

The administrative team is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling the human, financial and material resources of the hospital. She also oversees relations with external partners, health authorities and other medical structures.

Meet our managers:

  • Dr. Tondore SALI, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Col. Eyouvei AKATA, Chief Medical Officer
  • Mrs P. Mazalo Pascaline PALANGA,Chief Administrative, Human Resources and Procurement Officer
  • Mr. Bergess S. ABBY N’DJELE, Chief Financial and Accountancy Officer
  • Mr. Sewa E. FUMEY, Chief Control and Performance Officer

Members of the administrative team include managers, financial managers, human resources managers, medical secretaries, communication managers and receptionists.

Each of these professionals contributes to ensuring a smooth and pleasant experience for patients and their families, by facilitating administrative procedures and ensuring the quality of the services offered.

The administrative team of the Dogta-Lafiè Reference Hospital is also attentive to the needs and expectations of patients. She works closely with the medical team to ensure comprehensive and coordinated care, and to guarantee patient satisfaction. The hospital is committed to a process of continuous improvement, constantly seeking to optimize its administrative processes and to offer a welcoming and reassuring environment for all.


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