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Management and Operation

Management and Operation

The management and operation of the Dogta-Lafiè Reference Hospital are provided by SOGEHP, a company specializing in the management of hospital establishments. She is responsible for the coordination and proper functioning of the hospital, ensuring the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

To ensure optimal operation of the hospital, SOGEHP will have a staff of 580 people, divided between 79 doctors, 288 paramedics, 99 people in charge of logistics and 114 administrative staff. The medical and administrative teams work closely together to guarantee comprehensive and personalized patient care.

Hospital management also includes the implementation of computerized systems and procedures to ensure traceability of care, management of drug stocks, coordination between the different units and communication with partners and health authorities.

SOGEHP is committed to respecting international norms and standards in terms of quality of care and hygiene. With this in mind, the hospital seeks to obtain certifications and accreditations for its various services, such as the ISO 9001 standard for the internal sterilization service and the NF EN ISO 15189 standard for the biological and medical analysis laboratory, ISO 27001 standards & ISO 27005 for information security and information security risk management

Finally, SOGEHP is responsible for the financial management of the hospital, ensuring the profitability of the establishment and the sustainability of its investments. It establishes partnerships with financing organizations, insurance companies and service providers to guarantee equitable and sustainable access to care for the Togolese population.


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