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About us

The Dogta-Lafiè Reference Hospital was created with the aim of raising the level and quality of healthcare services in Togo and providing a healthcare facility that meets international norms and standards. This ambitious project was initiated and built by the National Social Security Fund of Togo (CNSS Togo).

Located in the Agoé-Nyivé prefecture (Greater Lomé), the HDL was designed to be a center of excellence in Medicine – Obstetric Surgery (MCO) and Oncology With a nominal capacity of 160 beds, the facility offers personalized care and excellent quality of care and accommodation, thanks to a highly qualified medical team

In addition to traditional medical specialties, the Dogta-Lafiè Hospital stands out for its autonomous health check-up unit, which is unique in West Africa. It also has an Advanced Post in Blitta for the emergency care of patients in the northern area before their evacuation to Lomé, if necessary

Since its opening with the launch of its medical imaging service, the Dogta-Lafiè Reference Hospital has continuously evolved to offer cutting-edge medical services and adapt to the growing needs of the Togolese population.

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